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    transferring files from dead machine
    My power supply on 17" flat screen iMac went dead. I plan to get a new Mac Book. What are my options for transferring what's on the hard drive of the now dead iMac so I can access my files? I will need to start backing up my information since I don't want to find myself in this predicament again, but I am not sure how to do that either.

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    Remove the hard drive from the dead iMac and place it in an external carrier or use a universal adapter to attach it to your new machine. Once you do that you can transfer data from the old drive to your new one.

    External carriers and adapters are sold at many places. On line - NewEgg, Amazon, etc. Locally you can find them at stores like Fry's, Best Buy, and so on.

    As for a backup strategy, use the free Time Machine which comes with Leopard and Snow Leopard. It's an excellent way to back up. You will of course need an external hard drive in order to use Time Machine. You can always use your old hard drive and the carrier it's in after removing what data you need from it.


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    What I suggest is get an enclosure for the HDD and then you can use that after transferring files as a backup.
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