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    Hard Drive Toast - 2nd, more enlightened, opinion wanted
    I've got an intel iMac big screen (white last generation) that was handed to me with the promise of, "if you can make it work it's yours."

    Best I can tell it doesn't appear to get along with it's hard drive anymore....

    I loaded puppy linux into ram on it and it didn't see any hard drives, but all the parts seem to work.
    I tried loading Leopard but no destination drive appears to load it to.
    The disk utility, available on the Leopard install disk, doesn't see a drive.
    System Profiler, also on the Leopard install disk, doesn't seem to see a drive either.

    Based on that, I'd say there's no working drive there. Any other tests I might run?

    If I replace the drive, is there anything I should really avoid? Is there a way to remove this drive and test it somehow to eliminate other potential problems?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Not really.
    That's a pretty sure thing that the drive has died, so a replacement is the way to go.
    If you do, stick with the better known brands I'd say. Hitachi and Seagate seem to be popular, quiet and reliable.
    Have a hunt around t determine the correct one for the machine though.
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    Before buying a drive, I'd try and get your hands on another to ensure the system detects it or try the current hard drive in another computer.

    If a replacement hard drive has the same problem, it could be an issue with the logic board.

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    I'd say greater than 95&#37; chance (maybe 99%) it is the drive. While extremely rare in my experience, it could be the SATA controller or connection also. Testing another external won't give you a clue as to which it is. You'll have to test that drive, either with it attached externally or in another machine.

    I have the equipment to quickly make that test. If I didn't, personally, I'd just go get a new drive. If you do that, you could be out the cash of the new drive, but that's what I'd do. I can always make use of another drive somewhere.
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    Thank you
    Thank you all.

    I'll try digging the drive out and see if another machine thinks it exists.

    I've got some clunky old drives around that I might test. They may not work real well, but I'm guessing they'd at least indicate if there's a pulse.

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