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Thread: No bootable disc...what now

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    No bootable disc...what now
    I used boot camp to install Windows Vista 32 bit yesterday and it was successful. I've done it tons of times before with no problem. I shut down the computer from Windows, something that's never given me a problem before. Til this morning.

    I boot up, it sits on the white screen for awhile, making weird noises, then goes to the black screen with the "no bootable disc" crap. Tried restarting holding alt, it gives me the mouse cursor but that's it. I can't put in the tech tool CD because there's a CD in there and the eject button won't work.

    Help? :/

    Edit: I just realized this is in the wrong forum. So sorry.

    Also, I reset the PRAM and am getting the flashing question mark at start up. Today's not my day.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Try powering on and holding down left mouse button - should eject the disc that way. If not then leave it for a few hours and retry. Tried everything to get a disc out of my MBP - no go, so left it overnight in frustration and next morning powered on held mouse button and disc popped out. Why - i have no idea.

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