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Thread: Virus Barrier x6

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    Dec 12, 2009
    Virus Barrier x6
    Wasn't sure where to put this question so if it is in the wrong place sorry. How many of you have this? I saw it at the Apple download site?

    Apple - Downloads - Networking & Security - VirusBarrier X6


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    Uhmmm, probably about 0.0000002% of us have that.
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    Actually I have it on my Macbook pro. Being a former windows user I was still set in my paranoid ways. The one year subscription to this particular anti-virus program cost me close to $70. I will not be renewing it next time.
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    Okay Thanks. I did wonder since it was on the Mac download page.


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    I have X5 in operation, it was a freebie via MacHeist. It never seems to do anything, probably because there isn't anything to do.

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    It never seems to do anything, probably because there isn't anything to do.

    Course it won't as there are no OS X viri for it to catch, scan, or whatever else it might do.

    Step one is to remove all AV software with the uninstaller.

    Step two read this link which whilst old is still topical as the virus situation for OS X is unchanged:-

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    Unnecessary resource hog, just like every other antivirus program for Macs.

    June 2007
    July 2009

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