Hi guys,

I'm not having a great time with my Macs at the moment. Seems like my bad luck with cars has transferred to the Macs.

For a while now, my G5 iMac hasn't been working. A recent Genius Bar diagnosis was that it was either the PSU that had failed, or that it was shotting across the motherboard, but the only way to tell would be to change the PSU and see if the problem persisted. I haven't got round to sorting that out yet, as I've been using my even more ancient G4 iBook! Just tried to transfer some files to one of my external drives, and I'm getting a message saying the operation failed because of the internal drive failed and cannot be read or written, so I'm guessing that's now fubared :-(

I know feel it is about time to try sorting out the iMac, so my question to everyone is this: does anyone have a spare PSU for a 20" G5 iMac, pre iSight, that I could have for very little money, as I'm a rather skint final year uni student? I'd prefer it if it is in the UK, purely to save on postage. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

Thanks in advance,

Paul (skint, and now depressed, student... How long will it be til my iPhone gives out... :-S)