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    iMac SD card slot...
    Hi, this is probably going to be a bit of a silly question,

    I'm getting an iMac i7 quad core and I know it has an SD slot, but I was wondering how I'm going to transfer my footage from an EX1R camera which uses SxS ExpressCard Media to the iMac?

    Do the SxS-1 cards fit in the SD slot?

    Thanks in advance, (please don't be too harsh on me!)


    edit: do I need some kind of adapter?

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    You would have to get a SxS card reader that connects to your computer via USB. I don't believe there are any adapters that will do what you are asking for the SD slot. This solution is pretty much the same for all other memory cards. The SD slot is convenient for people who have SD memory cards or if they can get some kind of adapter.

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