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    Mac Mini to HDTV
    Hi all,

    A friend recently purchased me a Mac Mini (should be here tomorrow) to help him with iPhone development. Before I purchase one of those sweet LED displays, I was wondering what the best way to hook up my mini to my HDTV is? Sound in addition to video, if possible, would be great as well.

    I have a Toshiba 32in Regza that has 3 HDMI ports, a VGA port, 2 sets of components, S-video and I believe 2 A/V ports.

    I would suspect short term I could use my DVI to VGA adapter from the mini-dvi to DVI adapter to go straight to the TV, but not sure if this is ideal.

    What is the common way people are doing this? Could anyone point me in the direction of where to look, I will continue searching the threads, thank you!


    EDIT: I'm guessing something like this would do the trick:

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    Most of the Toshibas do not have the capability of using an audio port separate from their HDMI ports. So that would be the ticket if you want to use HDMI instead of VGA.

    Would have to know your specific model Toshiba to verify this. Or you can look in the owner's manual to verify it. They should have a note about connecting a DVI device to HDMI in the owner's manual and which audio port to use if it has the capability.
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    Correct, I believe mine does not have the audio port separate.

    Thanks for the help, looking forward to development

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