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    24" iMac freezes after failed 1.4 EFI Firmware update
    After scouring the internets I'm hoping you guys could help me.

    I was having trouble with boot camp waking from sleep which was supposedly cured by installing the 1.4 EFI Firmware update. While I was installing the firmware upgrade the computer crashed... when it rebooted it took (and continues to take) about 10minutes to boot. Aside from random freezing (more frequent under heavy use), my firewire ports are dead.

    I've tried re-installing the firmware but the it say this computer does not need this update.

    I'm at a loss... any ideas has anyone else had this problem?

    Computer Specs:

    OSX 10.6.2
    2.16 Core 2 Duo
    2GB ram

    I've also tried everything outlined in the article: Can't install EFI Firmware Update? Check partition scheme; disconnect peripherals

    "So the procedure would be: Use Disk Utility to Get Info on your internal drive (the whole thing, not just a partition of it) and thus check the partitioning scheme of your internal drive. If it isn't GUID, then you could clone to an external drive, boot from the external drive or from your installer DVD, repartition the internal drive as GUID, clone back from the external drive to the internal drive, boot up from the internal drive, and perform the firmware update."

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    Anyone? I've heard possibly disconnecting the hard drive from the machine my help... not sure how it would effect a chip on the logic board.

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