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Thread: iMac G4 flat panel Power Supply failure?

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    Unhappy iMac G4 flat panel Power Supply failure?
    I am in need of advice. My iMac (circa 2003) does not turn on. I tried resetting the PMU which did not help and then took it over to the local Mac shop. One look and the guy said "That's vintage." Said it sounds like the power supply, that I'd have to buy the part elsewhere and they could install it but not guarantee the work since Apple no longer makes parts for such an ancient machine. Gave an estimate (assuming it was only the power supply) of $350 (estimated cost of part at $100). What to do what to do??? I could buy a used machine and have someone (who?) switch out the hard drive. Buy new (they would do it for me but of course) or go the repair route described first. This is not a good time for me $$$ wise. I am slightly handy but all I've read says that both the hard drive and power supply are not something you want to try replacing yourself.

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    A 2003 machine is only useful if it still works.... When you have to start spending more on it then it's worth, it may be time to start thinking about buying another machine.

    Unless you can obtain the part at a reasonable cost and do the repairs yourself, I highly recommend you consider a new or used machine. Also consider.... there may be other parts which need replacing in addition to the PS.


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    Some Imacs will no start up with a dead pram battery. Yours may be one of them. To me 2003 is not old as I still use Macs from the 80's and 90's.

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    2003 is not old, quite new compared to my 1990 LC!

    And $150.00 plus labour is worth more than the machine alas!

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    Appearance wise my iMac is in mint condition. It seems like I just got it. How time does fly. My Pismo powerbook is slow but a fine machine from 2001. I did spend way too much upgrading the Pismo last year and the guy who helped me did the labor for a song. This time I am not so lucky. I did the math and it seems the cost to own per year is approx $235. Given the life span of a Mac and the current worth of my iMac, I probably should buy a new one. I am thinking of a Macbook pro. I appreciate your comments.

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