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    Adding hard drive to Mac 7300\200
    Here's a question about a Mac legacy desktop.

    Can an IDE/ATA hard drive be used in a 7300\200 running OS 8.1? This Mac controls a dedicated video editing system.

    What hardware would be needed to incorporate the drive? And would 8.1 automatically recognize the drive once installed?

    I'm a Mac novice so any help would be appreciated.

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    The Powermac 7300/200 uses a SCSI hard drive.

    Thus you can't use an IDE/ATA directly...but with an adapter...or a special "Nubus" expansion card you can. These cards were available about 10+ years ago, and might be a bit harder to find these days.

    You mentioned that you're a "Mac Novice". This is actually a more complex project than you think...since:

    - it's been about 10-12 years since Apple used SCSI hard drives,
    - software availability & compatibility (OS 8.1) is very thin (unless you already have what you need)
    - and technical support is hard to find (but Mac-Forums is a good place to visit)

    If you're asking this question because you happen to have an extra IDE/ATA hard drive laying might just be easier to locate & purchase a new or used SCSI hard drive.


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    There is a extra bay for another SCSI drive. There is a size limit for the start up drive. If you add a USB card {rev 1} and upgrade to 8.5 + you could use an external USB drive. Now you can also add an external SCSI rad with multi drives. That model has 3 PCI slots and there are IDE controler cards that will work but they have to be for a Mac.

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