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Thread: Target Disk Mode

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Target Disk Mode
    Once again, i apologise if this is in the wrong section...

    I'm having a nightmare with my mac. I've had alot of help off here and it's been booked into an apple store for tomorrow.

    The thing is, i need to get it backed up. The only other mac i have access to is the one at work which is a new mac pro. This only has Firewire800 where as my iMac has both 400 & 800.

    I've phoned more or less every computer shop up around my area and none of them stock Firewire 800 cables. Some didn't even know what i was on about.

    Is TDM only available through Firewire? Can i use USB? Anyone have any other suggestions as i need to get this backed up today if possible!!

    Many thanks,


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    Yes, Firewire only, and this is a sign of Apple almost sounding the death knell on TDM.
    Bad of them, but it looks like you may be stuck I'm afraid.
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    Cheers for the quick replies guys.

    I guess i'll have to venture a bit further out, nearest apple shop is 1h30mins away which is where i'm taking it tomorrow. Will have to drive there today and pick up a cable. Pain in't ***.

    Thanks again,

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Ok.. managed to buy a FW800 cable and connected it from my iMac (slave) to the host mac being macpro quad-core.

    My iMac is entering into TDM (The Firewire symbol shown on screen) but nothing is coming up on the host..

    Am i doing something stupidly simple wrong here?

    Please can someone help me!

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Scrap that last message!!

    Seems to have found it after 15 minutes. After frantically typing that message and printing out the troubleshooting help, it just popped up.

    Now i have the enjoyable task of copying across 180gb and moving it onto a USB drive...

    Cheers all,

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    FYI you can also get a Firewire 800 adapter to place over the Firewire 400 cables which are more common. I use an adapter because my older Macs only have Firewire 400 and my MBP has only Firewire 800. I only have a Firewire 400 to 400 male cable and need the adapter to use TDM.

    I'm surprised it's taking that long for yours to show up in TDM. Mine shows up almost right away.

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    For others that may find their way here - i had my 2.4 GB iMac with FW 800 to Ext HD then an adaptor in other FW 800 port and a FW 400 cable to G3 iMac which allowed a .dmg to be installed from Ext HD to G3 iMac in Target mode. Done thru Disk Utility on the 2.4 iMac. Hope that makes sense.
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