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    Jan 25, 2010
    Unhappy Volume controls and Eject key does not work at G5
    Hi, can anybody guess what's up with my G5 - as both the volume controls and Eject button does not work on my keyboard (it means the whole upper row above the numbers is dead)
    I have actually 2 machines and both have the same problem!
    They both run on 10.4.11, one of them is set up as Dual.
    The keyboard is Apple USB and the mouse is Logitech Trackball on both (I have tried to replace it by Apple original as well, no luck)
    Another interesting thing is that when looking at Keyboard Viewer the whole upper row is not showing up at all! (I mean the volume controls and Eject key)
    It might have been happened after some late OS upgrade or 3rd party installation, I only cannot guess which one.
    PS. I can eject CD alright by all the other ways and set volume from the upper right menu for ex.

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    Feb 10, 2010
    g5 with OS 10.4.11. volume and eject keys on keyboard do not work. the hardware is fine. i think it is a software issue. tried zapping pram, repairing disk and permissions with disk utility to no avail.

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Also having this problem
    Everything was working fine up until very recently. But yes, my volume keys and eject key just seem to have...stopped working. They worked perfectly, and then just...stopped.

    I ran applejack, repaired permissions, emptied the pram, cleaned my caches, nothing.

    Checked my Audio midi setup, my universal access, nothing. Checked my international keyboard layout using the keyboard viewer and it seems that the keys are simply gone from the layout.

    I'm so confused and incredibly irritated as it seems the moment I fix one problem a new one shows up (albeit a stupid one like this).

    I'm still able to control the volume using the slide in the upper right bar, but have no way now of opening my disk drive as my eject button apparently doesn't exist according to my keyboard layout.

    Please help.

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    iMac 2010 27" QuadI7 OS10.13 iMac 2008 OSX10.11, MBP Late2011OS10.13 , iPad Pro 10.5", iPhone 5s,
    I wonder if this is a keyboard issue? Do you have another with those keys you can try? Which version of OSX? The other posters were using Tiger 10.4.11. What version on your Mac?

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    Mar 22, 2010
    I'm using 10.5.8 (I think - I type this from work...definitely 10.5, just not sure about the point 8 part).

    And yup, grabbed the keyboard from downstairs and no go with it either.

    It's a brand new keyboard, was working fine for the 2 months after I purchased it until about two days ago.

    I don't remember doing an update or anything, but it's possible I downloaded a security update.

    I also had a problem with my Opera so I had to clear out a bunch of my preferences about a week ago, so maybe that did something?

    I'm baffled. I basically just need to reload my keyboard template to include those buttons (if that's possible).

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