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    iMac 2.8 - 24'' - Hard Drive issue?
    Hi guys,

    I got an iMac 24'' - 2.8Extreme from November 2007 still under AppleCare until this November.
    For the last couple of months or so, I have been experiencing some issues which I relate to a future (anytime now) hard drive failure of the internal iMac Drive.

    The hard-drive has started to make a lot of noise when, for example, I try to extract any files (using unrarX) or when I copy data from a external drive to the internal one. In these situations, the iMac will freeze for about 10/20 seconds while the HD makes a lot of noise and then it will carry on as normal.

    The other day, when I switched it on, I got a logo like this one:

    I managed to get the SL to boot up after the third reboot.
    Since then, the iMac hasn't given me that failure logo anymore, but the HD is still making funny things when I extract files or copy data on to it.

    I have used Techtool Deluxe, Drive Genius 2 and the Apple Hardware Test and none of them show any hardware problems (is it not a HD issue?)

    Also I thought it may have been a problem with the OS and I have reinstalled the SL and it's the same.

    I got an Apple Store about 45mins from home, so I could take it there, but if the hw tools show no failure, then they won't replace the HD.

    Do you, guys, think it's a HD problem? Or is it something else?
    I would like to get it fixed before the AppleCare runs out in November.


    (btw, I got the TimeMachine backups all up-to-date, so losing the HD is not an issue)

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    It does sound like it might be the hard drive. Most diagnostic tools are unable to detect intermittent problems, therefore it is not unusual for Tech Tools, Drive Genius, and the AHT to give an "all clear".

    Not much you can do except keep making backups with Time Machine. I also recommend doing a clone backup. The reason I suggest a clone backup is because Time Machine backups are not bootable whereas a clone backup is.

    Suggested software to make a bootable clone: Either SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner can be used.

    BTW, if that hard drive is intermittent, it won't be long before it fails completely.


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    chscag, thanks so much for your response.
    I just couldn't understand why the diagnostic tools wouldn't see it as failing.
    I have just booked a session with a Genius on Saturday.
    Hopefully they will replace the drive without too much problem

    Thanks for your help!

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