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Thread: i think i have buyers remorse.

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    Jan 22, 2010
    Unhappy i think i have buyers remorse.
    So I purchased an iMac i5 on December 26, 2009. I had a couple problems like the hard drive failing the apple store so I got a replacement. I've been using the 2nd replacement for about a week and now I'm just regretting this purchase. Don't get me wrong but I love the screen, processor, and almost everything it has to offer but the fact that I can't do some of the things I would be doing on XP. I use to be an avid cs 1.6 player and I can't really do that anymore on the mac. I'm thinking of reselling this computer or maybe not... What should I do? If I do sell the computer how much should I sell it for?

    (i know most of you probably think i'm crazy but the imac isn't for me i guess)

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    Install Windows via Bootcamp and play CS until you fall off your chair. Problem solved. Do some research.

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    Well there really isn't much to be said. If you prefer Windows XP over MacOS X & Macintosh computers...then your only real option is to sell it.

    On the other hand...maybe you just need a bit more time to get used to it.

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    As @mdfuller said, install WinXP through Bootcamp and enjoy. What is preventing you from doing this and enjoying CS?


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    Well, my brother keeps telling me that I shouldn't do it because he has heard bootcamp isn't really stable and also its not like I want to casually play CS more like scrimming and stuff..

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    Bootcamp is not Stable? Bootcamp is:

    #1 Partitioner that Partitions your drive into two partitions for OSX and Windows without hurting OSX like Partition Magic in Windows.

    #2 It's an EFI Bootloader for Windows

    #3 A boot menu to select OSX or Windows.

    Otherwise Bootcamp does nothing. Windows is NATIVE and runs just like Windows on the same hardware on a Windows system. Bootcamp once Windows is installed does nothing.

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    #4 Once you get tired of having Windows on your Mac, BootCamp can blow away that windows partition and move that space back into your OS X partition.
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    Give it some more time. I started with one just over three years ago, I got the second one just under three years ago and now I have my third.

    My wife just began using the imac I put Windows on it as well just to make her comfortable.

    Good luck.

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