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    iMac: FW800 can't connect with HV20 camcorder

    I recently got a new iMac 21.5" and have been trying to use Final Cut Pro 6 to capture some video from a Canon HV20 using the FW400/FW800 cable. However, every time I plug the camcorder in, the new iMac (OSX 10.6) is unable to recognize the camera nor does the camera display that HDV/DV is connected. I then took it to my other mac (Running OSX 10.5) that has a FW400 port, set FCP to the same settings as the iMac, and everything worked fine: connection display, FCP recognition, and able to start capturing.

    I'm using a FW400/FW800 cable for the iMac and it's a cable I bought from Fry's Electronics, made by "SIIG". When I simply plug the camera into the iMac, there is no recognition at all even through the System Profile. Could it be possible that the Firewire is defective or is it a problem with the FW800 port/motherboard?


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    It's possible the FW port on your new iMac is defective. Since the cable you bought works OK on your older Mac with the Canon HV, that eliminates both the camera and the cable.

    Try this if possible to test the FW port: Attach your new iMac via FW cable to your older Mac and see if you can do a "target mode hookup" between the two of them. See the following Apple LINK.

    Or, what might be easier is if you have another FW device (hard drive, etc.) that you can test the port with.

    Since your machine is still under warranty, if the port fails the test, make an appointment with Apple to look at it.


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