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Thread: mac g5 ram issues

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    mac g5 ram issues
    I know someone may have asked this question .. but I am tired of scrolling. Anyway , I have a g5 1.8gz late 05 is not responding to the 1g ram I just installed? it originally came with two 512mb sticks .and I just installed a 1 gig stick and the system profiler only shows one gig.. I double checked to see if I had pushed it in all the way ...and it is..
    dont know what else to do me out guys

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    Doesnt the ram have to be put in pairs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reel1 View Post
    Doesnt the ram have to be put in pairs?
    You are absolutely correct! need to install ram in your G5 desktop in you need another 1 gig stick of ram.

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    as already stated the memory MUST be fitted in Matched pairs but are you sure you have the right memory?
    you say your machine is a late 05 model but the only late 05 models i know of are the 2.0Ghz dual core, the 2.3Ghz dual core & the 2.5Ghz Quad

    even the early 2005 models had different ram to the late 2005 spec
    early has PC3200 DDR 184pin sticks
    late has PC4200 DDR2 240 pin sticks

    check which model you have, if unsure download mactracker which should help

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    And 1.8GHz G5's are actually early 2004 models

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