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    Problems with QTX (surprise!) and VLC. Expert help needed.
    Hi and thanks for reading,

    I have my iMac 21.5" linked up to a projector and for some reason when linked through HDMI the projector resorts to its native aspect ratio of 4:3 and the option to change it to 16:9 is no longer available.

    OK, so my projector is a bit basic and bit of a pain, but i thought it wouldn't matter as i could change the aspect ratio in VLC.

    Well not really. Firstly it works for series such as The Office, by changing the ratio from 'default' to '16:9' which shows the picture on the 4:3 projector as it was meant to be, with no stretching, but when it comes to most movies (Matrix bluray for example) there is no way to stop the image from looking a little stretched on the vertical axis. I need a player which will let me manually input the ratio i want to watch the movie in, because if the source is 16:9, it looks stretched on the 4:3 projector, so i need to change it to something like 16:8 or 16:7.

    Apparently you could do this with Quicktime Pro, you can stretch the image to any ratio you want, but the geniuses at Apple decided that if you bought a new iMac you had to have Quicktime X, which is s*@t, and apparently doesn't have that option.

    Also, does anyone know why when i use VLC on the extended desktop, the primary monitor goes black?

    So a/ is there a player which allows you to input the aspect ratio you want?

    b/ Is there a way to replace Quicktime X with QT7 pro that anyone has found? (from looking i guess not)

    and c/ Why is my primary monitor going black when i use VLC on the secondary monitor?

    Thanks loads to anyone who can help.


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    Nov 28, 2009
    oops, just realised ive posted this in the wrong place.....sorry!!!

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