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    Using Macbooks Multitouch on a Mac Pro? Possible?
    Hello, this would be more of a DIY, hack than anything else.

    I've been thinking of using the top portion of the Macbook Pro (I find it very productive for me) and using that as my primary input device to control my Mac Pro. Has anyone thought of doing this?

    I'm pretty sure I can find the top piece of the Macbook multi-touch/keyboard at a replacement retailer and modify it to be place on a desk - but I don't know whether the firmware would be compatible with my Mac Pro. Any guesses here?

    All in all, if it works, it might be a very nice, portable, multi-touch input device to control all of my macs. Especially if I can get it to work over bluetooth.

    Any ideas are welcome.

    P.S.: Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post in, but seemed best under the Mac Pro section.

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    I have wondered since I got my Mac if that could be done ! I use a mouse and Keyboard alot with my Macbook and really miss the trackpad. So if you get it to work I will buy Your 1st production model as I think you will be selling a lot of them !


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