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    Jun 03, 2008
    Mac Pro won't search external drives?
    When I type something to search in "spotlight" or the space in the top right of an open folder, chances are I won't find it. I guess my mac won't search any of my external fire wire hard drives. Even if I open the hard drive and I am looking at a document, if I type that document name into the search it won't find it.
    I have a new Mac pro and my OS is the one just before Snow Leopard... 10 point something...

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    Hum .... something is wrong. I have an external HD I use for Time Machine backups. If I search for "backup" in Spotlight, my external HD shows up first on the list of hits. Do you have your external HD icons on the Desktop and shown in your Finder Devices list?

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    Have you checked Spotlight preferences to make sure that your external drives are included in Spotlight indexing?
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    Everything else seems normal. I'm not home right now but I remember checking spotlight preferences and not seeing the drives as options... I have to check again when I'm home.

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