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    Hello I'm new! ..... G5 fan question....
    I have a G5, it's quiet. 2.5 GHz processor 2gig ram. I record music with Logic Pro. When I open Logic and select play to listen to even a small file, then fans start to get loud. It's not showing that a great deal of CPU is being used. I tried resetting pram, and software update. My OS X is 10.5.8 ... I'm new to the G5 and Logic for that matter. So maybe its a buffer setting or some other setting within Logic that needs adjusting? Thanks for your help!

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    Just a thought...have you ever removed the side panel...and checked out the insides for lots of dirt & fuzz?

    The cooling fin's of the CPU & graphics card heat-sinks can get clogged with dirt & fuzz...the fan's can also get really clogged with fuzz.

    If it's dirty inside...and you give it a good cleaning...this could & should improve the cooling efficiency...and hopefully keep fan noise to a minimum.

    But also realize that the G5 desktop computers were well known to be really loud due to the somewhere around 9 fans that they had in them. So yes, it may be quiet when you are just surfing the internet, using MS Office, or e-mail...but if you start putting some demand on the CPU or GPU...things will heat up, and the fans will start kicking into high gear.


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    Hi I have similar setup with Digital Performer instead. My fans are not loud when recording or playing back stereo files, even with very low buffer settings in the recording app.

    My hearing is not the best but my fans are barely evident most of the time. I've been very impressed with it's noise level. Mine is 2.0 gigahertz. I think you mentioned two gig of ram.

    If the cleanup suggestions don't stop the noise get more ram. I have 4.5 gig and never get processor warnings. I don't record huge projects. Sixteen tracks with plenty of stereo voices are fine. With a bigger project like the one above, I need to reduce the buffer setting when I'm editing and not recording. What kind of music do you record?


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    I've been doing some iMac G5 repairs the last two weeks. At this age, it's a good idea to replace the thermal compound on the CPU and GPU, which at this point will be rock hard, and take a shop vac to all the fans and heatsink to blow out dust bunnies.
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