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Thread: Magic Mouse - high friction

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    Unhappy Magic Mouse - high friction
    I'm having a (minor?) problem with the bluetooth Magic Mouse on my iMac i7, and wonder if anyone else has the same experience.

    I find that the two strips of plastic that the mouse slides on create too much friction, compared to other mice that have, for example, 4 slider spots on the bottom.

    The MM sliders are each about 3 inches long, for a total of 6 inches, and they are at a slant so that one edge of each slider touches the desk surface or mouse pad, and it is a fairly sharp edge presenting a small surface area. This results in a lot more friction than other mice, and makes the MM difficult to use.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or even better, have you found a surface that is slippery enough that the drag is reduced?

    I've tried a cloth (nylon?) covered mousepad and a plactic sheet covered mouse pad and both present 2 or 3 times the friction for the MM as they do on an ordinary Logitech optical mouse. I'm am now just using the Magic Mouse on my wooded desktop (slightly better), but the drag actually creates wrist fatique if I'm using the iMac for an extended period of time.

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    See my other post and pictures about how I overcame most of the problem.

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