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Thread: Mac Mini Dilemma

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    Mac Mini Dilemma

    I currently have two Macbook Pros (July/August 2007; 2.4ghz, 4gb ram)) and I would like to sell one for a Mac Mini to use as an HTPC.

    The one I am selling is my brother's, which he gave to me after he received a macbook (new) for xmas last year.

    It does not have apple care but is in great condition, is running snow leopard, and can fetch $700 from a local mom and pop mac store nearby.

    I want: Mac Mini 2.66Ghz, 4 gb ram (eventually up it to 8GB), at least 350gb of hdd space, and a mini display-to-hdmi adapter. I will connect it to my Panasonic Viera 1080p plasma and connect audio via Toslink to my Sony Soundbar receiver. Basically, I will mimic the setup I currently have with his MBP, but it will run cooler, have more USB's, and have more storage space. I currently have my itunes library and much of my digital content stored for access on the networked Time Capsule (1TB).

    The Dilemma: With Mac World coming up, should I worry that a new Mac Mini upgrade of some sort will be announced? Alternately, a price drop?

    By the same token, should I worry that a new MBP will be announced, such that the MBP I am trying to sell will no longer be worth as much?

    In short: Should I go ahead and do this sale/transaction before or after MacWorld given these concerns? Any Mac Mini users out there -- will this be a nice upgrade for HTPC purposes?


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    maybe wait the whole 8 days until the announcement. Either way, they probably won't release a groundbreaking new Mac Mini, since it's not the latest buzz right now.

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