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    Unhappy iMac G5 - blank Screen and High Speed Fan
    I have ready similar posts, but nothing I have done will fix this problem. I have an original iMac G5 20" 512MB PowerPC OS X 10.4.11. It has been great for many years. Suddenly, for the past two months, if I leave it on and go away for 60 or more minutes I come back and the system is locked up (only holding down the power button for 5 seconds will shut it off) and the fan is running full speed.

    I opened it up, went through the four light diagnostics, passed everything, but did the RESET anyway. BTW - the iMac is well ventilated and has no dust built up inside. It is still locking up after letting it sit unused for a long period of time. After more research I download the temperature monitor software. My CPU is running at 72 degree C. I don't know if that is too hot?

    Any ideas for next steps? New power supply? Software patch? New power management card (is there one?)?


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    Same answer Apple Hardware Test and please don't say you do not have the original install discs.

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    Not following?
    HarryB - Thanks for your response. What do you mean "same answer"? I opened the imac and looked at the four LED's on the back as I powered up and did some testing and a reset. I never used any disks? Are there diagnostic disks I should be using? Could you point me to the KB article?


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