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Thread: Power mac g5

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    Power mac g5
    alrighty i have an awesome g5 with two harddrives. both internal one is 160 gig with mac os 10.4 then another 80 gig from another g5 with mac os 10.4.
    my question is:
    How do i get the 180 gig to be the one that loads by defualt, then reformat the other drive so i can use it to hold my music . right now it keeps starting up under the 80 gig.

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    When you boot into OSX on the 80GB, open System Preferences. Then click on Startup Disk. Select the OS/Drive you want to startup and then on Restart. It will ask you to confirm and will reboot into the selected OS/Drive. Should work as I do it all the time here on my G4 and G5 Macs.

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