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    ps3 to imac27" HELP ME!
    Can someone help me. I have a new IMAc 27" and was told I could rig up the PSŁ to it by using a HDMI cable from the PS3 to a Minidisplay port to HDMI adaptor which goes in to the disply port at the back of the IMAC. Nothings happening and I would hope some one could tell me what to do next. Its my first IMAC only ever used windows.

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    There is no way currently to display your PS3 or any other HDMI out to the 27" iMac.

    There is still no cable that will go from HDMI to mini displayport.
    The port on the iMac is useless for connecting any HDMI devices until such a cable does exist.
    The current mini displayport to HDMI cables will not work.

    At least a couple of companies have announced plans for releasing one, but so far, no dice.
    There is some expectation for possibly February.
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    Yes, alas as bobtomay says, nothing will work. The problem comes in the type of signal that is sent by the displayport vs. the hdmi/dvi/vga. I am purchasing a 27" today, and sad to find out this is the case. They have the cables (including hdmi to mini-displayport) but they won't pass the signal.

    BTW Mods I nominate this for movement to the imac forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thepachman View Post
    BTW Mods I nominate this for movement to the imac forum.
    I agree. This thread has been moved.
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    Dr. Bott Digital Video Link

    You can display at 720p only....see the link...quite expensive still tho...but there are videos on youtube showing the adapter working fine.

    although this particular video is the 360 hooked up, it works fine with a PS3 (or any other HDMI device set to 720p, such as a PS3)

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    I didn't know you couldn't connect a ps3 to imac, interesting

    However i would like to add something to this post.

    I have a macbook pro and i managed to wirelessly access my mac on my ps3

    A great software called MediaLink works, you can access movies, photos, files..literally anything from your mac to your ps3

    Another great advantage is that..when you copy things over to your ps3 , medialink automatically converts the file into a format the ps3 will read! i got alot of rmvb files and medialink converted these perfectly

    So until the cable comes out, it's something you can give a shot at?
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