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    Trouble Connecting Imac to Samsung 6 series tv
    I Recently got a Samsung LN46B610A5F (Samsung 46" lcd 1080p HDtv) and I have an Intel G5 Imac (I think its G5, got it in either 2007 or 2008). I Purchased a min-DVI to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cord to connect the two, but my mac doesn't detect it as a display device. Apple is clueless and Samsung support doesn't even know their own tv's. Anyone have any advice? even the instruction booklet says it's Mac compatible, but nothing I do makes it work. Help?

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    Did you change the TV input (using the remote) to correspond to the one you have the Mac plugged into?

    If you did this, try moving it to the HDMI # 1 connection.

    (You can't have a G5 Intel. A G5 would have a PPC chip. If you purchased it new in '07, then it would be Intel and is just called an iMac)
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