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    Smile need hard drive for 733 G4 Quicksilver
    I inherited a G4 quicksilver without a hard drive. I was looking at the connections and the power connector looks different than new hard drives. Do I need to find older ones or are there adapter for new ones?

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    I own a Quicksilver 733 Mhz G4. All of them take standard IDE (ATA) hard drives. The Power connector is the same as any IDE drive in a PC. So is the Data connector. You must be thinking of the newer SATA drives with that small Serial ATA connector and strange power connector.

    Only way to put a SATA drive in the QS is with a PCI SATA card that is OSX compatible.

    I would just go with an IDE drive.

    Older Macs have a 128GB limit but my 733 works with larger drives like the newer Macs. I am told that most Quicksilvers will support any size modern IDE drive. Mine sure does.

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    Thank you for the info.

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