Good evening everyone,
I have two Macs connected (not at the same time) by cable with LG LCD.
Scheme of connection: COMPUTER miniDVI --> adapter to DVI --> CABLE with HDMI plug --> TV

MacBook (white) works without any problem, but iMac (also white) doesn't.

Few situations occurs:
- frozen iMac's screen and No Signal info on TV screen
- frozen whole iMac's system and No Signal info on TV screen
- such screen: HERE and No signal info on TV screen

With MacBook it works, so it's not because: TV, cable or adapter.
Where is problem?? With OsX or rather with hardware?

PS It worked with iMac some times ago, but after that it hasn't been connected with TV. During that time I changed (updated) system twice - first to Leopard, then to Snow Leopard.

Please, help me...