Hi guys,

Still having bad luck ... (see my story in the topic Help Please)

I downloaded DiskWarrior update 3.03 to my ext. Lacie. But now I can't find my original cd ! (I have DW 3.0 installed on my Lacie and I have the sn) Ordering a new cd will take a few weeks (I'm living in Belgium).
What can I do ?

DiskWarrior 3.0, installed on my ext. Lacie, cannot see my infected internal hard drive (see my other topic). The same for Disc Utility and First Aid. ASP instead sees the drive.
Booting from the original Tiger cd gives a "kernel panic".
What I can do is buy a new DiskWarrior 3.0, 3.1 or 3.02 cd and upgrade it with the 3.03 update.
But ... will it be possible then to boot with this updated one ?

p.s.: I recovered nearly all data with Rescue Data.