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Thread: Mac Mini or Imac G5?

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    Mac Mini or Imac G5?
    Hi Guys,

    I am thinking to switch to mac and im totally new to mac so i need some guides from mac users. Which worth more for me regarding the price and performance? mini or imac g5 given that i

    must have:

    - lcd screen (have to purchase lcd screen for mac mini)
    - HD 80 Gb or more
    - Wi-Fi
    - RAM 512 or more
    - Graphics 64 Mb


    - super drive
    - bluetooth

    Application i will be using:

    - browse, mail, IM
    - soft image editing
    - want to learn flash
    - probably run a web server and web editing

    Is it possible that i can buy mac from us stores and have it shipped to other countries? I find that mac is a lot more expensive than US stores

    Any suggestion would be appreciated :teen:

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    If you must have 64mb graphics memory then the Mac Mini is out of the question since it only has 32mb.

    As far as buying from the US then shipping it to where ever you are, from what I have heard it end up being just as expensive of more expensive due to customs fees and shipping fees.

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    You can't get a 64MB graphics card on a Mac mini. If you play games (or even if you want hardware-accellerated Core Image effects) then only an iMac has the requisite graphics hardware.

    Consider also that you'd have to upgrade a mini to 512 MB of memory and an 80 GB hard disk, and then buy the LCD you wanted. By the time you do that, you've pretty much spent as much as you would on the base-model iMac. And the iMac would be significantly faster, and has Bluetooth and a mouse and keyboard.

    The US Apple Store won't ship internationally. Unless you have a "friend" in the US to re-ship the computer to you, you can't buy through the US store. (And even if you do, you'd probably have to pay customs or VAT when you recieve it.)

    [Edit: took me forever to hit that button. Beat me to it. :mac: ]

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    The newly released iMac are a great deal, they come will so much stuff.

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    Thanks for your ideas guys...i love the model of g5 too is quite expensive to get it here if compared to US stores, another US $ 250 more expensive...

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