Hi all,

I have just outfitted my shiny new MacPro4,1 X2 2.93GHz Quad with an Intel X25-M SSD in the lower optical drive bay using the IcyDock and an X-Swing and it works like a dream, so, so fast. I am using the SSD as the boot/App drive

Anyhoo... I am now attempting to add four 300 GB WD Velociraptors (WD3000HLFS) which I will stripe (Raid 0 with Apple Raid Card) but only three of the four drives are recognised by either the Disk utility and/or the Raid utility at any one time.

Strange thing is... When I have Bay1, Bay2 & Bay3 filled all three drives and bays are seen but as soon as I add the fourth drive into bay 4 bay 3 and the associated drive disappear. This is the same for any configuration of bays (working e.g. bays 1,3&4 or bays 2,3&4 etc. but not bays 1,2,3,4).

Any ideas anyone?

Note: I am running 4 SAS in Raid 0 on another machine with no problems also using the Apple Raid Card.