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    Jan 08, 2010
    imac has no os and no hd space to install new
    I've been searching for hours for a solution, and as far as i'm aware this hasn't been discussed online before.

    I installed bootcamp, but windows onto the same partion as osx, therefor overwriting my osx.

    So windows works fine...but does no good for the game i wanted to play (probably due to the mobile processor version it runs on or something?). So put in my osx discs, during install it complains the disc is dirty. I take it out, clean, put back in and now it thinks there is no space on the hdd to install onto, 0kb!

    I have no apple care, and no money atm to pay for repair.

    Any suggestions, please?!

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    If you're intention is to restore OS X back, then during installation, go into Disk Utility and ask it to erase the contents of your HD and that way it should have the necessary space to install itself..


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    trying right now, thank you so much

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    Jan 08, 2010
    startup command 'c' doesnt work now :s

    ignore, works now

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