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    My iSight camera on my iMac doesn't seem to work. On the day I got it 3 years ago, it took my picture and I haven't used it since. I now need Skype, but now the camera doesn't seem to exist. I check it with iMovie and I see 'Camera disconnected'. I have reset the SM, done all the things Skype suggested and still no camera! I can see the lens even as we speak, but alas, no green or blue light. Perhaps it remembers my appearance from the first time we met and has shut itself off. I have never used iChat. What is a novice to do?

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    Mate here is a link to iSight troubleshooting... Fairly comprehensive so easier than me writing it all down. A member not long ago had same problem i sent him there and he came up with a fix.
    On the Skype i had the same issue and took me forever to come up with a fix.
    If you have the latest Skype, that in itself might be the problem.
    I am running SL with all the updates, and what i had to do was to downgrade a few versions of Skype. Cant remember exactly how many but i am 90% sure i went back 3 versions of Skype and i havnt looked back.
    Dont know what you have on your system, but give it ago. Wont hurt anything.
    Hope this helps and welcome to the forum

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    If all else fails you might want to downlaod and install iGlasses in the hope it will sort the linkage with the camera. Currently it works in both Skype and iChat but if u have an older OS you might check older versions. look here Download iGlasses for Mac - iSight enhancement utility. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

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