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    Imac G5 Damaged Logic Board
    just a quick email to see if you have any advice. I have been looking through ebay for a logic board for my mac. I have had it for 4years and it is in great condition but it went on the blink last month. I took it into Macstore and they said it was the logic board and it would cost upto 500 to repair. So i am usure whether to try and find a logic board to replace the damaged one or try and sell the computer to someone who could use it for parts. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    I definitely wouldn't spend anywhere near that much to fix an older machine like yours. Unless you can find a new logic board and someone to fix it cheap, I would sell it and look for a newer mac with an intel processor.
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    Thank you for the quick reply, I have sted the spec below, but I'm unsure how much to sell it for. I have looked on ebay and similar computers with damaged logic boards have been going from anywhere from £50 - £200.

    The spec of my computer is iMac G5 17 inch 2GHz, 1.5GB DDR400 SDRAM - 2 DIMMs, 250GB Serial ATA drive, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse + Mac OS, 56k V.92 internal modem, 17-inch TFT display, 2GHz PowerPC G5, DVD-R/CD-RW drive, ATI Radeon 9600 -128MB DDR, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR.

    What do you recommend is a reasonable selling price?

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