Hello everyone,

I am a teacher at a small school and the other teacher who was our network administrator just left in the middle of the school year. This left me to take charge of the network administrator job. I am good with computers but not the networking part of everything. Today is my 3rd day with this new title and something horribly wrong has just taken place.

We have a computer lab of 28 computers and one server. Most client computers are running 10.6.2 but there are 6 that are running 10.5.8 Leopard. The server is running 10.5.8 as well. The students each have personal accounts that they log into and then can access their own personal files that are stored on the server in a "data" partition of the HD. Today all the student accounts basically reset themselves. By that I mean that their accounts no longer access any of their data, however their data (and the data partition) are still very much still there on the server and accessible when I go to the server and browse the files. Other settings, like background, have also been set to default. Also I have logged onto an account, created a word document and saved it on the desktop. I then went to the server and navigated to that user's desktop folder and the file was not there. So it seems as if all the new files are being saved somewhere on the server again because I then changed computers and logged on again and the file was there.

I have tried unbinding and then rebinding the client computers and that didn't fix it. I have also tried restarting the server and that didn't work either. I (and all the students) would greatly appreciate any help possible.