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    How To Wipe My iMac Clean?
    Hey guys,

    I am on an iMac right now that I am just about to sell off. I'd like to know how I am able to clean this iMac out of any traces of myself on this iMac, leaving just the standard applications and the operating system intact.

    Also, how do I transfer some of the backed up data (with Time Machine) from my external hard drive to the new iMac that I intend to buy? Thanks!

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    Pop in your system DVD and boot from that, holding down 'C' after the chimes. Go into Utilities in the menu bar, select Disk Utility and then the Erase option. For extra extra cleaning you can click on security options and run Zeroing the Hard Drive.

    When you get your new iMac, simply connect the external via USB2 or Firewire and copy over what you want.

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