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    Mac Mini (Early 2009) Questions
    1. I use a temp program called iStat for my Mac Mini. Last night I was encoding MP4s for about 3 hours and I noticed that iStat reported the temp got to 90c / 196f. I read that Mac minis get hot but is that too hot?

    2. I think i might be having problems with the display pig tail that came with my mac. Sometimes it blanks out, sometimes its colored static, somtimes its lines accross. Usually goes away if i play with the pig tail. I have notice the problem gets worse when the system is hot.
    Should I get a new pig tail or send the whole thing back to Apple?
    Sometimes I think its the actually conection on the mac where the display pig tail.
    Anyone else having probelms with the pig tail?

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    1. 90C is definitely very hot..I believe the CPU is rated up to about 100C..check on the fan speed, and see if you can crank it up a little to try to alleviate the temperature..


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    The mac mini is likely to get a lot hotter than other machines due to how compact it is, i would agree with above though and see if you can get the fans running faster.

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