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    making an iMac with a bad logic board into a monitor?
    just went to the apple store to have them look at my imac thanks to the panic, and they quoted me $850 to repair the logic board. The mac is over four years old and not worth putting that money towards it but i don't just want to throw it out. I pulled the hard drive and will be putting it in an external. When I do get my new mac i assume i can use the ram in it. but the main question is can i some how remove the logic board or by pass it and make the rest of the imac into a monitor and may the usb and firewire ports with the monitor?
    the mac is already opened up and is not being repaired so moving things around is no problem ha.

    thanks in advance

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    Not too sure about the monitor question but your RAM probably won't work in a new iMac..

    Just an FYI

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    You won't be able to use anything except the hard drive from your old iMac. There is no way to use the display as a monitor since there is no video input to the machine. The memory modules are of the older type and will not be suitable for use in a new Mac.

    Why not look around and see if you can get a used logic board to replace the old one or, look for someplace to do the repair for less than Apple. Your old machine is out of warranty anyway... You could (if you're capable) do the repair yourself. Go to the following web site and look up your model iMac and find the step by step instructions for replacing the main board. (logic board)

    iFixit: Apple Mac, MacBook, iPod, and iPhone Repair Parts


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