I am not a MAC user but am convinced now after using the iPhone that this is the way to go... I have lost too much hair over the years because of Windows "issues"... I would ask BG for some of his hair as compensation but who'd want it...??

My question is quite simple but as is often the case with computers, I hear the complete opposite on the same topic... that is, can I set up a MAC for two users, one English and one Japanese, so that the computer can be viewed and used in the user's native language? I have heard "Yes, absolutely", "Only partially" and flat out "No"... hasn't helped...

I would have assumed I would need JP keyboard at least and then use language settings on the computer. My concern is (as this is what would happen on a PC... sorry... trained this way...) that only the OS can be set in either language and that any software would only display in one language. Am I right or wrong?

If anybody can confirm for sure if it is possible for both users to completely use the OS and SL applications in their native language, please let me know... Thanks!!