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Thread: Is It A Good Time To Get A New iMac?

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    Is It A Good Time To Get A New iMac?
    Considering all the yellow tint and screen flickering issues? If not, how long should I wait before I purchase my iMac?


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    Apple seems to be aware of the issues that've arisen with the 27" iMac's, and are probably working through them. It's probably safe to assume that the new ones will be delayed to customers until these issues are resolved or at least accounted for..


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    I intend to buy the 21.5 inch models, and it does seem that they share the same issues. I mean, the nVidia models didn't even get a firmware update like the others did, so I am a little bit worried about it that's all. How long do you think I should wait, from now, before buying it then?

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    Oneof the unfortunate side effects of a defect like this is that the problem turns into an urban myth on the Internet. Soon anyone that has a machine of the same vintage, regardless of whether it's actually effected by the issue, will start to obsess about whether it effects their particular machine. So, the issue sort of takes on a life of its own, and effects perception of that model.

    Personally, I wouldn't sweat it. The machine is covered by warranty for a reason. If the problem happens, just take the machine back and have it serviced.
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    You ask: "Is it a good time to get a new iMac?"

    Any time is a good time!!

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    I think it's a good time to get an iMac. There have been less and less reports of all the problems so I assume apple has begun to fix the problems. If you do have a problem with your iMac, apple will take care of you and replace it or fix it for you.

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