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    imac, thunderbird address recovery
    i have an 17in imac (model# a1173). its been randomly turning itself off for about a week. it did it again this morning, and when i went to turn it back on, dust blew out of both sides of the monitor, and it wont come back. i knew it was going to die soon, so i copied off most of my stuff, but i need the address book from thunderbird.

    i have a sata/usb converter and i plan to take out the HD and copy the rest of my things, but i dont know how to get the address book without running tunderbird and doing an export. (and i cannot run it because when the drive is hooked up, its treated as an external HD)

    i know in windows you can go poke around in Program Files. is there a mac equivalent to this?

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    No such thing as "Program Files" in Mac OS X, however, there is an "Application Folder". If you can follow the file - folder structure in OS X, you should be able to find your T-Bird address book. Here's what I found:


    I didn't specify any further along because there are folders listed under the main folder several layers deep in typical Mozilla fashion. Anyway, find your "" folder and start digging. I don't use T-Bird for email so I don't have an address book, however, I do use it for Newsgroup reading and writing.


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