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    Hello Mac colleagues,

    I am in a bit of a quandry about investing in a Mac Pro with all tge bells and whistles and in the next 2 weeks... here's the problem;

    I edit a bi-weekly 26 minute show *using Final Cut Pro on a 6gb iMac.

    From time to time the programme says 'insufficient memory', to which I close FCP and reboot the iMac. So, I am looking at some way to speed up the rendering process and increase my productivity.

    The show consists of footage from 3 cameras shot on DV against green screen and external graphics (PNGs and .mov etc). There are then 3 separate backgrounds to be keyed-in. As you can imagine, the timeline is pretty busy.

    There has just been an injection of cash as far as a new budget is concerned and I am looking to purchase a new machine - a Mac Pro.

    Naturally, if you ask a dealer, they'll give you any old guff just to sell you a machine.

    I would prefer opinions from users themselces. So, would I really benefit from:

    8-Core 2 processor
    16Go Memory
    1 x 1To disc (bay 1)
    1 x 1To disc (bay 2)
    ATI Radeon Graphics card

    ... or would my processing speed remain the same as on the 6g iMac?

    I am not interested in multi-tasking as this new machine would be FCP only.

    All honest opinions would be very much welcomed!


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    What are the specs of your iMac? If you are running a core 2 duo, you will see a very major performance increase. There is supposed to be a new line of mac pros coming out soon so if you can wait, it might be a good idea. Good Luck with your purchase!

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    I like your choice for many reasons. You have more RAM available if needed, more HD expandability if needed and you can have another video card to drive another monitor which I think is the largest bonus.

    Cost of the machine is not a priority since it is a production machine. Speed and ability will more then pay for the extra cost. Perhaps leasing a machine may make lots of sense as your can then switch out when the lease ends rather than having a critical piece fail because you own it. Applecare extended warranty will allow you to get to the end of a lease.

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    Thank you for your prompt replies.

    Sadly, as stated, I do not have the luxury of waiting for new equipment to come out. The machine needs to be in-stream in 2 weeks.

    The machine specs I gave were straight from the Apple Store page. In your opinions, such an off-the-peg machine WILL increase productivity and speed up rendering?

    However, leasing is not an option.

    Any other opinions as to yes or no?

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    Yes, the mac pro will increase productivity by a lot. It's a great machine and it should last you a while.

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    Thank you Mac Pro ...

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