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    Imac Render farm
    I need some input from you experts

    I use my Imac mainly for computer graphics and video editing as the projects im working on are getting more complex i am in need of a more powerful computer i did some research and and chosen to go with a PC as the render machine as they are cheaper and you can upgrade them more easily

    my question is this would it be possible to link my mac to the PC so i combine its processing power with the PC's or would it be less troublesome and complicated to just use them as separate machine what i was going to do was set up the 3D scenes on the mac then when they are ready to be rendered transfer them over to the PC and let it run while im working on other things or out or asleep

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated

    sorry if i rambled


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    It sounds to me as if all you need is your Mac and PC on the same LAN with file sharing turned on. That's easily accomplished, and you can transfer files back and forth between them all day.

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    To actually "link" the processors in your Mac and PC would require an app that I don't think exists, at least not in consumer form. Unless you intend to set up a rendering farm, you are stuck with using which every machine will render the fastest.

    You can certainly process on one using the files on the other if you want - that is just simple networking.

    A multicore IMac should outrun anything in the PC world that can be bought in a store. I know that my i7 is much faster than my AMD/64/6000, although I haven't bothered to find out why.

    But if you are serious into movie making you can go the Hollywood route...
    Put together a render farm of Linux PCs. No OS cost, cheap hardware, most software free, and the more you add the more power you have. You could do the same thing with IMacs, but not cheaply.

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    I think nothing of that nature exists, but I'm not 100% sure. Also an iMac has the potential to became insanely powerful (For example the quad cores) or you could use a mac pro (they come in octa cores). If you really still want to use a PC, I also would personally use linux for the PC. I run a 512mb memory virtual machine that uses linux, at it is often times faster than my 2gb memory mac. Also, there is no OS cost and you don't really have any sort of virus problems. The main drawback is that linux is very user unfriendly.

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    Thanks guys

    the reason i havent gone for a mac pro is i was told by an apple shop employee that you can upgrade the processors and for a basic mac pro with just the tower i can get a pc with the I7 processor for the same price

    but heres another question thats just popped into my head if i were to stay that mac route which id rather do since ive had zero hassle with my mac compared to my parents who own a pc and are constantly having trouble with it

    could i set up a render farm between my Imac and a mac pro tower?

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    I found this

    OpenSG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    No idea how it works or what it can do, really sounds like the sort of thing studios would use, with professional IT support and more than 2 computers, but might be of interest at least
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