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    Help with broken Imac and External Screen
    Alright here is the deal, I have an Imac that has a broken screen, but the computer works fine. I hooked it up to an external display but all I am seeing is the extended desktop(i.e. nothing is there except a wallpaper and the mouse when I move it to the extended screen). How can I fix this problem and use the external screen as my primary screen?

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    You have to figure a way to put your broken iMac into "mirror" mode in order to display the whole desktop and not an extended desktop.

    If you have access to another Mac that has a firewire port, you can boot your broken iMac using "Target Disk Mode" and set the display preference that way.


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    Welcome to the Forum. What u need to do is drag the menu bar from the iMac with broken screen in Sys Prefs/Displays to the Ext Display - which of course is not possible. So if you were to connect the damaged iMac by firewire to another Mac with an External display - start the damaged iMac in Target mode by holding T key after powering on. Then start the Mac with Ext Display and hold Option Key and select the damaged Mac to boot off - once that is going go into Sys Prefs/Displays and drag the menu Bar onto the External Display to make it the Primary one. Then shut it all down and connect the Ext Display to the damaged iMac and with luck you will be GO.

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    PERFECT, thanks for the warm welcome. I got it up and working this afternoon after having an otherwise perfect imac sitting unused in my house for almost a year now. Thanks so much for the help!!

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