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    boot camp followed by parallels/fusion?
    1. I am a new Mac user, bought 1 week ago (switching from PC). If I want use Boot Camp to load Windows 7, can I later switch to either Parallels or Fusion without a problem?

    2. Does Boot Camp load and work easily?

    3.Which is better, Parallels or Fusion?

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    win 7 will load on new macs/bootcamp and run very well with little issues. There are a few hiccups during the initial installation pertaining to the graphics card, but google has the answers for it as well as the sound setup.

    after win7 is up on bootcamp, u can use the same hard drive partition to later run fusion or parallels. I prefer fusion, but to each their own. there is also a free VM program called virtualbox. It is lightweight and very fast, but has less aesthetics and a few missing options imo.
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    1. Yes. Both Parallels and Fusion offer a way to use your Boot Camp installation as a virtual machine.

    2. Yes, just be sure to print out the Boot Camp instructions prior to actually installing it and Windows.

    3. Purely subjective. Personally, I liked Fusion better, however, others will say the same about Parallels. Both have trial versions. I suggest giving them a test with the trial version before purchasing.

    Also.... do not overlook the free VirtualBox from Sun Corp. While not as full featured as Parallels and Fusion, it offers a free alternative.


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