I recently got back in my possession a Mac Classic that I originally owned back in the early 90's.
The only other Mac I have is running Snow Leopard 10.6.
I want to update the Classic to from System to 6 System 7 and so need to burn a set of floppys.
Snow Leopard no longer has write support for the HFS file system so I cannot use it to burn the floppys. It will read HFS but not write.
I have found the following applications that can burn HFS 1.44 floppys on MS Windows/DOS: Transmac, rawrite and fdimage.
I have been successful in writing simple files to floppys and then reading them on the Mac Classic with all three of these applications.

So far so good.

The problem I have is that when I try to create the image files for system 7 on a 1.44 floppy I get an error message saying that the file is too big for the floppy. Actually after some investigation I have found that the system 7 files are 37 bytes too big to fit on a floppy.
I get the same result will all three software products.

Can anyway throw any light on this for me.

Thanks to those that have previously helped me move forward with this project.