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    Any Known Issues With 21.5 Inch iMac?
    Hey guys,

    Recently, lines started appearing on my 20 Inch Aluminum iMac's monitor. It is a little over two years old, and I am very disappointed by the fact that this happened, and that Apple refuses to cover this issue for me. I am out of warranty, and the only option to replace the LCD is going to set me back by about 700 USD. I figured, though, that I might as well trade it in with an Apple Authorized Reseller and top up that sum of money to get a new iMac.

    I am thinking about the 21.5 Inch entry level iMac, but I am now a little hesitant because of all the hardware issues that have been plaguing the 27 inch models. Apple used to be known for the quality of its hardware and software, but quality doesn't seem to be the case for the most part nowadays. I have read too many horror stories regarding the 27 inch model, and I am wondering if there are any known issues about the 21.5 inch that I should know about. Thanks!

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    Why not buy AppleCare with your new iMac...then the horror stories becvome Apple's problem for 3 years!

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    Are they sure it's the monitor and not the graphics card?

    Do you get those lines when you connect an external display?

    If it is the graphics card and has the nVidia chip from 2 years ago, Apple extended the warranty to 3 years on it.
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    My iMac from mid-2007 doesn't have the nVidia chip I'm afraid. It's not from that badge of iMac updates, I don't think. It says ATI Radeon HD2600 in my System Profiler. Even if it isn't the monitor, the graphics card isn't covered by Apple anyway.

    I've been trying to sell this iMac for a week now at 640 USD, but nobody seems to want a damaged Mac. I suppose I'd have to trade it in with a reseller soon at a much lower price. This sucks.

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