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    this may sound like a very foolish question...
    So I have a G5 that I bought to get acquainted with mac os x and I love it but it seems like i missed the boat as far as software for ppc architecture is concerned. I love the computer its awesome but it seems as though I will have to get a intel based mac to keep up with the times. When I do though I was wondering if I could make a intel frankinmac out of my old hardware by replacing the mobo, processor and cooling?? in effect treating the hardware I own already as a barebones kit with most of the stuff i want already there?? Has any one tried to do this. I know that you cant upgrade the cpu in a G5 because the cpu and mobo are integrated so I was wondering if this is just a horrible idea??

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    It may be possible, but it wouldn't be legal as evidenced by this months court decision ordering Psystar to cease and desist.

    It is against the EULA to install OS X on non-Apple hardware and it is in fact not that easy a task as the encryption must be broken in order to do it.

    As such, being against U.S. law, it is not up for further discussion here.
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