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    Dec 30, 2009
    Angry Cardreader not working and sound garbled.
    My card reader is no longer working correctly. Holiday photos that I took yesterday not loading, but previous ones are? ( I tried reader on my PC and it is fine.) Also at the same time I tried playing a movie trailer and my iTunes, and the sound is garbled. I suspect these two are related as both problems emerged on the same day!

    iMac OS X
    2 G Intel Core
    1 GB mem.
    10.4.11 VER.

    I am new to Macs....and bought this used about 6 months ago.

    PS photos open up fine that are on hard drive, and scanner works fine too.

    AUGH. I feel helpless. Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Dec 30, 2009
    Talking how I fixed it
    Well,I am delighted w/myself. No one answered or helped me, so the solution was that much sweeter. (note: I have NO training on computers...!!)
    The sound was easy...some kind of crossed wires/connection issues. No longer under water. The card reader issues. Had to clean out the cache in Adobe Bridge. That was the issue. Now all is well. A bit of work and discovery, but done. a happy Patti

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