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Thread: What to do?? Mac Pro or iMac i7 or...

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    Dec 26, 2009
    What to do?? Mac Pro or iMac i7 or...
    My wife just bought me a Mac Pro 8core to replace my G5 w/the Power PC chip. Was it a good move? I'm a photographer in need of some speed n power, but I'm thinking it was an over kill. Not to mention, I started it up and my 30" cinema display blew out.

    Asking advise from any and everyone. What should I do, keep it or get the iMac i7?

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    Jul 14, 2008
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    I feel mine is overkill, also use it for Photography.

    If it was available in January when I bought mine I would've gone for the 27" iMac w/i7. Photoshop and Lightroom can't make use of 8 cores and the iMacs can take a lot of RAM now too...

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    Oct 06, 2009
    It is a hard choice, but I think I would stay with the mac pro due to some of the issues the iMac is having. I love the mac pro, but decided the iMac was a better investment for me as I don't need all of the power of the mac pro.

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    There is no such thing as "too much power" but there is such a things as "too little power". Be happy with your wife's gift. Besides, the Pro is a lot more expandable and upgradable in the long run...

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    i would sell the mac pro and get the i7, since your 30 blew out and all...the i7 is what i have now. i dont have yellow/flickering screen and i got mine on the 22nd of dec. runs/looks like a charm. its fast enough for me (programmer) ad i have 8 gigs of ram. i thnk 8 is the most you can get for the money. i mean if you want to pay through the nose for the 4x4 gig sticks then be my guest. other than that i like the fact i dont have a tower at my feat or taking room on a desktop somewhere.
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